Valle Gran Rey. La Gomera

La Gomera

A jewel of Nature. This is how you will define this island when you return home. Your imagination will have to strain to describe its landscapes, especially the lush forest made up of species that have already disappeared in other parts of the planet millions of years ago, but have survived on this island to your delight.

La Gomera awaits you to discover its great treasure, Garajonay, which is a National Park and World Heritage Site: a thick forest of great floristic richness and ghostly appearance, with a multitude of extinct species and peaceful springs, definitely the ideal place to lovers of hiking.
Also let yourself be surprised by a steep orography, with deep ravines that rush into the sea. A landscape sculpted for centuries by erosion after two million years of absence of volcanic eruptions. You will also enjoy green valleys covered with palm trees, charming rural farmhouses, impressive cliffs, cozy coves of black sand bathed by crystal clear waters ...
In La Gomera you can find a practically intact nature where the hand of man has intervened to create agricultural landscapes of great beauty. You will be surprised by the cultivation terraces arranged on steep slopes and you will appreciate the great effort with which they were carved by the peasant.

The gastronomy and food products of La Gomera are undoubtedly another of the island's attractions: Almogrote, sweets, giofio, gomerón, jams, honey, palm honey, mistela, mojos and cheeses are some of the many nutritional wonders that it produces this island.

Crafts also deserve a mention as sites of tourist and cultural interest, and especially pottery. In the Interpretation Center of Las Loceras, in El Cercado is the place where you can get all the information about the island's pottery tradition.

You will be glad to know that the island has implemented the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, an initiative based on the protection of natural spaces and the offer of high quality services, and Pura Vida Excursions is associated with it. Our commitment to sustainability is total and we fight for the preservation of an environment that allows us to enjoy nature today and in the future.