Valle Gran Rey. La Gomera

Every day, before going out to sea, the Pura Vida team makes sure that everything is perfectly prepared to welcome our visitors.
Upon arrival at the ship, they are informed about the security measures and what the stay on board is like.

Once we have left the harbor, we introduce to the excursion, the species of animals that it is possible to find.
We head out to sea in a southwesterly direction, about 3 miles from the coast to locate the area with the highest chances of sightings, whose average success rate is between 90 and 95%.

When someone, usually Carmen, the captain, locates an animal, she indicates it with the time of the clock in whose direction it is: "at three!" and everyone will know to look to the right of the boat (starboard).
Carmen then slows down the engines to the maximum and make the loudspeakers to play a very carefully selected selection of music that the cetaceans adore and that they even choreograph making us breathless ...

After a long time enjoying the cetaceans, we head towards the coast, to a quiet and protected cove where we can drop anchor and enjoy a tasty picnic and a refreshing swim.

Back in port, good humor reigns, some rest, others chat or take photos of the coast, but always keep your eyes on the sea ...

Details and prices

The excursion duration is nearly 4 hours long
Maximum capacity 10
Adults 45 €
Child from 2 to 12 yo. 35 €
Babies to 2 yo. free
Selection of fruits, snacks and drinks on board included