Valle Gran Rey. La Gomera

Los Órganos de La Gomera is a natural monument of volcanic origin that owes its name to the similarity of its columns with authentic pipes of a gigantic organ. Located to the north of the town of Vallehermoso, it is only possible to see it from the sea, so a visit to this natural enclave by boat is one of the island's tourist attractions.

This excursion lasts approximately 4 hours and is carried out exclusively when the weather and sea conditions allow it.

Our excursion leaves from Valle Gran Rey heading north, and we will arrive in approximately one hour at Los Órganos, where we will anchor if the sea allows it, and we will look for several points to photograph the multiple edges of this natural wonder.
During the journey we will have enjoyed the views of the spectacular west coast of La Gomera, with picturesque towns such as Taguluche, with its innumerable palm trees, the fishing village of Alojera, Tazo, and the remote and beautiful village of Arguamul, at whose feet are the picturesque cliffs of Los Dos Hermanos.

On the way back, we will anchor in a cove to enjoy a well-deserved picnic with fruits, snacks and drinks and enjoy a pleasant bath.


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It is one of the best examples of the salic python in the Canary Islands, where marine erosion reveals a spectacular set of prisms that have emerged as a result of the slow cooling of volcanic materials. The viscosity of the lavas made it difficult for them to ascend through the eruptive duct, expanding and offering flattened shapes, which once eroded and with the outer layer dismantled, gave rise to this tremendous natural wonder in the shape of columns. A good part of this columnar structure is submerged, giving rise to attractive and rich funds.


Los Órganos de La Gomera is one of the most spectacular volcanic landscapes that exist, as well as a geological phenomenon without equal. Declared a Protected Natural Area and Natural Monument, these basaltic columns are one of the best examples of lava cooling in a crater and have an area of ​​150 hectares. The impressive cliff on which it is located is almost 700 m high and difficult to access, it is the main reason why its view is only possible from the sea or from the air. It is today one of the natural symbols of La Gomera.


This sector of the Gomeran coast offers a wealth and value not only for landscapes, since its biological wealth is also very great, especially with regard to the funds. For this reason, this space has been declared since September 2011 as a Special Conservation Area (ZEC), a figure contained in the Natura 2000 Network whose purpose is to ensure the long-term survival of the most threatened species and natural habitats in Europe. helping to stop the loss of biodiversity caused by the adverse impact of human activities. It is very common to see numerous invertebrates such as the bottom limpet (Patella Crenata), emblematic fish of our coast such as the old one (Sparisoma Cretense) and numerous botanical species of interest located in the tidal areas and shallow bottoms.

Details and prices

Los Órganos
The excursion duration is nearly 4 hours
Maximum capacity 10
Adults 45 €
2 to 12 yo. childs 35 €
Babies to 2 yo. free
Selection of fruits, snacks and drinks on board incluided